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User review | working with 1ViewTask, a task management tool

There are many task management tools in the market and 1ViewTask is one of them. The difference is that this software has advanced features. I am one of the keen users who has explored almost every feature of this tool. I am an admin and there are 5 members on my team, every member has a separate portal. As an admin, I get to choose how my team will work and manage everything. I aim to boost my team’s overall productivity and help them manage their tasks and time efficiently.  

As an admin, I get to allot tasks to my team members. I can choose the assignee, and reviewer (if required) for the task. This feature is the same for members too. Quick tasks and detailed tasks can be added; they are put into the in-progress bar. Once the task is done, it is put into the completed bar. If a reviewer is selected, he gets to check the task. If the task is not completed as needed, it is put back into the queue, mentioning what changes are needed. The assignee completes it again.  

There is a “masters” section that only I get to access. I get to add client/vendor information displayed in my team members’ task creation bar. Activity Master allows me to add all the activity types that we work on like accounting and HRA. Sub-activity master includes sub-type like GST filing, tax planning, income tax return filing, etc. I also add compliances that help the members to set the required parameters for their tasks. Section master has helped me to simplify the different work sections that we are working in, like Finance and Human Resource Management.  

One of my favorite features is the dashboard view. All of us can view the overall statistics of teamwork and individual work as well. We can filter it by compliance, activity type, client, and status. The best part is that I get to view all the work in 3 types of view, eagle view, productivity view, and detailed report. The task manager also gives a daily report of the work and I can fetch a full-fledged Excel document to get an organized view in the form of a Kanban board view and list view. All these views help us to see what tasks are done on a particular day, week, or month.

1ViewTask- Kanban Board View

1ViewTask- Kanban Board View

1viewTask- List View

1ViewTask- List View

Not only this, we can share our work with external users like our clients or vendors. They can view and comment on what changes are needed in the work that has been done. I can add guest users to my company who can work with us on our portal for a limited period. they can contribute to completing a few tasks too.  

As for members, they can create tasks for themselves, choose the assignee, reviewer, and recurrence pattern of a task, set reminders, select compliance, activity type, and client, and attach some documents if required. They can view everything in detail too, including what tasks have been assigned to whom. We all get regular email notifications whenever a task is assigned and completed.

The notification feature is accurate. Every morning I get a reminder of what tasks I need to do today, what tasks are overdue, and what all have been completed. This task management software has made my time efficient and has helped me in getting regular with my work.

Task Management Tool

1ViewTask- Notifications

1ViewTask is one of the best task management tools that people must use if they want to get efficient in working, this software promises an increase of 30% in the overall productivity of a company. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now. 1ViewTask is free for 1 user with enterprise-level features for a lifetime, you can add unlimited users and take advantage of its amazing features. The app is available on Android and iOS too.

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