Dual Approval- Maker Checker Concept

Why does dual approval matter?

Every business institution is looking for ways to improve its work process and quality of services. Dual approval, also known as the maker checker concept, has been one of the most successful ways in which firms have been able to improve quality while also gaining better security control. 

Businesses may lose deals and finances due to a lack of task management and supervision of task controls. Every company needs a tool that can protect them from both internal and external threats, and dual approval tools like 1ViewTask can be just that. Let’s understand more about the dual approval concept.


What is “Dual Approval”?

Dual approval, as the name suggests, is a control process where two people with different identification IDs are required to complete a task or any transaction. 1ViewTask uses the dual approval concept as the default workflow process for its tool. 

The first person who begins the task is known as the initiator or the maker. In our task management tool, this person is the assignee. The first person is the one who has started any transaction or to whom any task is assigned. Then comes the second person, who is responsible for checking the application made by the maker or the assignment made by the assignee. This person is responsible for reviewing the task. In 1ViewTask, this person is called a reviewer.

Following clearance from the second person, the application is forwarded to the third person, known as the checker. This person holds the authority to verify the transaction and approve its completion. In our tool, once this person approves the task, the work is considered completed; otherwise, they can make suggestions for changes that are needed. The third person supervises the task of the maker and the reviewer, adding an extra layer of quality and control.

Maker Checker Concept

1ViewTask- Default Workflow (Maker Checker Concept)

Why does dual approval matter?

Opting for dual approval or dual authorization concept in the workflow has a long list of benefits for business, which makes it an obvious choice for an institution. The 4-eye principle is used in task management, security control, and quality control to offer better services to the users and has proven itself an efficient workflow process. A few benefits from the list are listed below to explain the importance of dual approval.

Better Quality

Dual approval has elevated the quality of the work for businesses. The task in the dual approval concept has to be examined by two people, which eliminates the chances of probable human errors and time lags. When two people are in a loop to overlook a task, it is accomplished with better efficiency, within deadlines, and with fewer errors.

Improved Security

The companies have been dealing with fraud both internally and externally. With the introduction of the dual checker concept, the company will place two people to supervise one task, which makes the entire process more vigilant and monitored.

Financial institutions have claimed the most improvement because of the introduction of the dual checker concept. Even in task management, many clients of 1ViewTask have appreciated the concept as it has made their task management process more vigilant and efficient.

Enhanced Operational Functionality

Since two people are needed to perform one task, the process never stops, even if one of them is not active for some time. One of the two can always handle the task at hand. This makes the operational capability of the system operate proficiently.

Reduced processing errors

There is always the possibility of manual errors. After all, the team members are humans as well. An extra set of eyes is always helpful, as it can eliminate input errors or errors that may be ignored by one of the two. This reduces the chances of occurrence of any manual processing errors.

Adapt Dual Approval for Finer Performance

Dual approval has proved to be one of the most authentic performance-optimizing concepts. Businesses have successfully established autonomous due diligence approval tools in their businesses to improve the productivity and efficiency of the process. The multi-layer benefit offered by the concept has pushed it to be the root concept of many tools and software.

1ViewTask has adopted the dual approval concept as its default workflow, which enables the task management tool to produce better results. 1ViewTask offers a task management tool that enables you to plan your tasks in an organized and monitored manner. If you are struggling with task management within your team, 1ViewTask is the tool for your team. Sign up now!

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