Why Outsourcing Small Tasks Can Benefit Your Business: The 1ViewTask Advantage

Why Outsourcing Small Tasks Can Benefit Your Business: The 1ViewTask Advantage

Huge businesses have a lot of work to do and they have massive departments to handle. This is one of the reasons why employees are often stressed because one person got a bundle of work on their shoulders. In such cases, work usually hampers and the output is not up to the mark. This is why it is advised to outsource small tasks to a chunk of people, this reduces the workload and the focus can be shifted to the tasks that are high on priority. Task management tools like 1ViewTask are perfect for the outsourcing of tasks as it helps in better organization of tasks.

1ViewTask is an artificial intelligence-enabled tool designed specifically for serving the purpose of task and project management. Using this tool, multiple tasks can be assigned to multiple people at once and a record can be kept within the tool. From letting users create tasks to providing them with a live work experience, this software will give you everything. And in this blog, we will tell you about the ways that 1ViewTask can help businesses in outsourcing tasks.

With the help of this software, you can create tasks and allot some details relatable to the task like its priority, assignees, reviewers, activity type, company information, compliance type, or recurrence pattern. This helps in simplifying the task and when you allot the assignee, it means that you are selecting the people who are supposed to work on the particular task. And when you allot a reviewer, this means that the person is supposed to double-check the task. This special feature is known as the maker-checker concept that most people love to apply while working.

Let me cite an example for you: I am a content writer working for a reputed firm and the company usually has a lot of duties to fulfill in the corporate world. I was supposed to outsource some writing-related tasks to other people and for that, I decided to use 1ViewTask. Being the project manager, I assigned multiple tasks to multiple assignees in a single go and allotted myself the tag of the reviewer. Once the outsourcing was done, I checked if the team members are doing their work properly through the report generation feature of the dashboard. Gladly, the tasks were completed on time and I was able to get back to my firm with a good response. I give credit to 1ViewTask because this tool made outsourcing and monitoring work easier for me.

From the above example, it is quite clear that this tool has got all the features that a person might need for perfect task completion. Also, it helps the users to track time which means that you can check how much total time you are taking to complete a task. The total number of hours consumed by you reflect in your reports stating your total productivity. If companies begin to use this tool for outsourcing, an increase of about 30% in the overall productivity of the employees could be witnessed. You can test the tool for yourself by signing up for it. The tool is completely free for 1 user with enterprise-level features for a lifetime and is available on Android and iOS too. There are ample more features that you will explore so hurry up now.