What Is Task Management Software And What Role Can It Play In The Work Routine?

What Is Task Management Software And What Role Can It Play In The Work Routine?

The process of task management involves planning, organizing, estimating, and scheduling tasks. This process is often time-consuming when done in traditional mode. To make the process simpler, task management software has been introduced. These tools help in delegating tasks and getting them checked side by side. 1ViewTask is one such tool that is embedded with some of the finest managerial features.

Using 1ViewTask, you can create your tasks, give them a description, select priority, activity type, client/vendor information, and start-due date. You get three different bars where tasks can be organized and a record of the completed ones can be kept. Also, there is an amazing concept of default workflow in this tool. This maker-checker feature makes 1ViewTask a unique tool. using this, you can select an assignee, the person who is supposed to work on the task, and a reviewer, the person who is supposed to double-check the task. Once the task is approved by the reviewer, it is all set to send further.  In this blog, you will know about the role this tool can play in your daily work routine.

If you are a person who needs improvement in their productivity, then this tool is designed especially for you because the tool guarantees a 30% increase. The features are designed in such a manner that they directly affect the person’s way of working. So, if you use this tool in your daily working routine, your productivity will definitely improve.

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Your task organization will get better and no one likes mess, a messy working routine only leads to stress and anxiety. It is better to use 1ViewTask as its to-do, in-progress, and completed bar to keep a record of every single task as per its priority and date of submission. Also, you can easily edit the task whenever required and the documents can also be attached along with their respective tasks.

You can rely on this tool if you have a loss of memory with your work. The software sends a daily reminder via email reminding the user of their list of tasks for the day and the upcoming deadlines. Users can meet their submission dates and become efficient in their daily routines. In case you have a tax filing coming up, 1ViewTask will send you a notification one day prior so you can make the payment on time.

There are times when the workload increases and the project manager requires a daily report of the team’s work. This is possible in one click if the company uses this tool. 1ViewTask comprises a dashboard that offers three different kinds of views, inbuilt Excel report generation, and various other kinds of filters in reports. You can generate daily, weekly, or monthly reports as per your need.

Assigning tasks every day seems like a lot of work to do which is why with the help of this tool, you can assign weekly tasks at one go to yourself. This will help you to work on one task at a time and you can delegate some of the tasks to your other team members too. Also, you can use the time tracker to check how much time you are taking in completing a task.

To summarize the above pointers, it can be stated that using this tool will help make the work easier. Also, 1ViewTask is free for 1 user with enterprise-level features for a lifetime so you can sign up for free and take a hold of all these amazing features. The above-mentioned features are just the beginning, there is a lot more to do with this tool that you will explore. Moreover, our team will provide you with a free demo if you are up for signing up with this tool.

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