Eagle View

This feature of our Task Management Software allows the user to see through all the tasks as an Assignee and a Reviewer. The list of tasks is displayed according to various categories inclusive of the number of hours consumed by each task. You can view the work based on clients and activity/sub-activity. Moreover, this view will display all the work in the requisite order.

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Productivity View

This view of our Task Management Tool acts as a resource planner and allows the users to see the total targeted and actual hours devoted to work. You can plan your upcoming project with your team members and assign tasks to them. The view tends to act as a Time Management Tool and has two different types:

  1. High-Level View – This view allows the user to go through the details of the employee. These details include Targeted Hours, Allocated Hours, Productive Hours, Productivity/Efficiency Percentage, and Targeted Vs Productive Utilization Percentage.
  2. Detailed View – The view allows the user to see all the employee details according to the date. You can check Targeted Hours, Lost Opportunities, Productive Hours, and Utilization Percentage of every day and every team member.

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Detailed report

This view is one of the most useful ones which allows users to go through the task and employee details like Task Id, Compliance Name, Priority, Assignee, Reviewers, and Escalator details along with the time taken by each user to complete a task. All the details appear in a tabular form and help in getting an organized view of the overall work done. 

To summarize, the dashboard offers you a variety of views and has an important role to play as you can fetch your work report easily in the way you want, an excel sheet can also be generated through the report available. 1ViewTask is a Task Management Tool comprising some advanced features that allow its users to manage all their tasks, and projects in a single place.

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