Create Detailed Tasks and Customize Them Easily

With 1ViewTask, you can generate your tasks and make Task Management better.

Detailed Tasks
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Recurring Task

Addition of Recurrence Pattern

This feature will allow you to select the number of times you want a task to appear on your TODO Bar on the main page. The pattern can be one-time, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or hourly.

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A person is assigned a task, there could be multiple or solo assignees.

A single or multiple reviewers can be set up for checking the task after it is completed.

In case the task is not completed, the escalation manager can see through it and take some action.

Choose your client information from the drop-down menu to specify for whom the work has to be done.

Select the activity / sub activity type that you are working on.

You can enter the type of compliance in this bar.

You have to choose under what section your task is taking place.

This feature allows you to record the time that you devoted to completing a particular task.

You can add the number of hours and the date of when the task has been completed.

Penalty cost is given by the escalation when the task assigned is delayed.

You can attach your document or file to show that your task is done.

This feature allows the checker to comment on the task that has been completed.

Hassle-free Task Addition With A Single Click

This feature allows you to add tasks in a single click, it can be further categorized into two:

make task quicker

Quick task

Quick task can be added by clicking the + button present on the right side of the TODO bar. You can add a single-liner task for yourself. You can select the reviewer and escalator if required. Set the date of the task and its priority, and click enter once it is done. This feature comes in use when you are in a hurry or a task is needed to be done quickly without any description.

Quick Task
Convert email into task

Convert Your Email into Task In A Few Clicks

  • Sign up on Outlook and set up your Email 
  • Select the Email you wish to convert into a task.  
  • Click on the add-in option and select 1ViewTask from the drop-down menu.  
  • The screen of task creation will appear, and you can customize the task.  

This feature is perfect for quick task creation. The task details will be caught by 1ViewTask automatically, you can change the details and click on Publish once you are done.