Grant Guest Access to Collaborate with External Teams/Individual

The Tool allows users to share their Team’s work with Clients, Suppliers, and other External Team Members. You can easily grant Guess Access and allow people to view the progress of tasks. The admin can only do this by clicking on the respective workspace and then granting access to the required members. The activity of guest users can be checked, they can add their comments wherever required and check on the tasks that have been completed.  

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Team Creation and Limited Access for Guest Users, Clients, and Vendors:

With 1ViewTask, you get to allocate Client/Location to your team and add Guest Users who can access tasks that you want them to see. Guest users can work on some activities and they will be able to create tasks and assign the same to themselves. They can also select a reviewer or escalator for task tracking.


External Collaboration

Our Task Management Tool allows its users to share the team’s tasks with their respective Suppliers, Client, or any other External Member. The admin can grant access to people who can see limited tasks as Guest Users. The Guest Member can comment and add reviews to your tasks.  

This amazing feature can contribute well and help in managing the team’s tasks and projects easily. You can get better output by getting a review from your External Members. The Guest Members can only be added by the admin and work can be shared with them with the help of Team Members. Project Managers need to look after the workflow and overall output generated by the team.